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Commercial Services


Parking Lot Lights

If you own or maintain a parking lot, proper lighting is essential. Without bright and effective lighting, parking lots become unsafe for use. 

Most parking lots are illuminated by older high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting technology without any energy-saving controls. New light-emitting diode (LED) technology with controls can cut parking lot lighting energy bills by 40% or more while delivering additional benefits including long life, reduced maintenance costs, and improved lighting uniformity.

Contact us today for new installation or repair/retro-fit of existing parking lot lighting.

Surge Suppression

When most home and business owners hear the term "surge protector" they think of the power strips available for purchase at any computer store or hardware store.  These type of devices do offer a level of protection from certain power surges - but only to those appliances, hardware and electronics that are plugged directly into them.  What many are not aware of is that there is surge protection available for the entire home.  And this whole house surge protection is often available at a price close to those top-of-the-line power strips.

Yes, you can protect your entire business and all the hardware and electronics from damaging power surges. Call Check Electric to install surge protection directly on your electrical panel - the heart of your electrical system.  Now there is no more need for multiple (and expensive) power strips around your office.

Contact us today to have your business protected from dangerous and expensive power surges.

Security Cameras / CCTV

Security cameras are useful in many different ways.  

In the home, cameras are useful for the following:

  • Child Surveillance

  • Burglary Prevention

  • Childcare/Nanny Monitoring

In the workplace, cameras are useful for monitoring employees and sometimes necessary for prosecution of internal theft and shoplifting.  Cameras have come a long was in recent years and the quality of the picture recorded is superb. Many camera manufactures also offer HD quality cameras and DVR systems.  

Telephone Wiring

Check Electric offers complete telco services including troubleshooting/repair and new installation.

Contact us today to have your telephone system installed or repaired by our team of professionals.

Network Cabling / IT Support

Have a need for additional network ports for your office? Need a new network drop at your home? 

Call Check Electric to have us install or move network cabling in your home or office.  

Have a computer question or need assistance with software or hardware issues? 

Utility Locating Service

We are proud to announce the acquisition of new and state of the art underground utility locating equipment.  The SPX  Radiodetection brand provides unparalleled accuracy on their pipe and cable locating equipment. 

Before you dig on your property make sure all utilities (including secondary power, water, gas) are properly located to prevent property damage or serious injury.

Did you know that state run utility locating services only mark utilities that are in the public right of way. Make sure your digging is completed safely by having Check Electric mark underground utilities on your private properties.

Utility Power Pole Drill Services

Truck-mounted  power pole drill is a much preferred and cost-effective method for drilling large diameter power pole holes. The combination of our truck the hole hammer and our efficient bit design makes this the ideal package for drilling large diameter holes suited to the Utility industry.. CHECK US ! Check Electric !

Bucket Truck Services

If you need service or maintenance for parking lot lights, signs, aerial communications hardware, or any other electrical or communications devices that are above normal working heights, call the commercial electrical contractors at Check Electric! ​ 


Sub-meters for rental units. Unrivaled Submetering Solutions for Any Scale & Budget , Data Dashboard, Reporting & Billing Solution - call us - Check Electric!

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